Rules / Scoring

ICC Scoring System Explained

ICC cheerleading championships us a category judging system. Judges will score one of three specific categories (Stunts, Tumbling & Jumps, Dance & Choreography). Each category has its own score sheet consisting of, among other specifics, difficulty of skill being performed and execution of skill being performed. A separate point deduction judge and legality judge will subtract points from the overall score for mistakes and infractions made during a team performance.


A panel of qualified judges will be used at each championship. One judge per category will be used for regional and Open championships. One judges per category will be used for all National and International championships. Each score sheet has a range of scores depending on the level. Each judge will score their specific category.


Score sheets will be added together for a total score. Any deductions or infractions will be subtracted from the total score to give the final score. The final score will be used for team placement.


In the event of a tie, the team with the lowest amount of deductions will be placed above the team they have tied with. If the tie is still standing the overall impression average score for each of the teams in question will be reviewed. The team with the highest overall impression score will be moved ahead of the other team involved in the tie. If a tie still stands the judges will be poled as to where the teams should be placed. All decisions by judges, penalty and legality judges are final.

ICC is an official Varsity Scoring Partner. Scoring grids for cheer and Dance teams can be found here:

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