About ICC

Today ICC is known for producing safe, affordable and fun competitions and events hosting some of the top Cheerleading and dance programmes.


We are proud to be a UK based Cheer and Dance company honoring and working alongside the UK Cheer and Dance community, helping both athletes and coaches grow and succeed with the industry.


We were one of the sanctioned UK event producers to provide Allstar Cheer and Dance winners with bids to USASF/ISASF Worlds! We are also the first event producer to provide a free bid/invitation only event in the UK, Battle of Champions!

We Don't Charge Membership Fees!

We don't charge any fees to be a member of the ICC community, and there are no other costs besides competition entry fees!

Every Team Receives A Trophy!

We don't just present trophies to top placements! EVERY team receives a trophy and every athlete receives an ICC medal too!

We Welcome International Teams!

We love to see what teams from around the world can put on the floor and welcome entries from any country!

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