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Entering a competition can seem daunting, and there is a lot of information to know first so we do our best so make sure you have all of the information you need. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to send us a message and ask!

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How do we enter an ICC competition?

Entering an ICC competition is pretty simple. First of all, register your programme with us. This step is easy, only takes a few minutes and is FREE. Tell us who you are are, where you’re from and a little bit about your teams and you’re ready to enter your first ICC competition!


Next you need to add your athletes to your roster. This is super simple and once you have added them, they will be available for you to easily select them for future competitions.


Next, choose which competition you would like to enter by viewing our upcoming competitions here. And once you have done that, fill out the Competition Entry form. It’s that simple!

How many coaches passes do we get?

You get one free coaches pass at every ICC and a further free pass for every 32 athletes that are competing at that event. That breaks down like this:

1-31 Athletes – 1 free pass

32-64 Athletes – 2 free passes

65- 96 Athletes – 3 free passes. You then get another free pass for every 32 athletes you have over this amount.

Any Coach that is qualified with UCC automatically gets free coaches passes to events that they enter with their team (these still need to be ordered using the spectator ticket form)

If required, extra coaches passes can be ordered using the spectator ticket form.

How many athletes can enter per team?

The amount of athletes per team varies depending on which category you are competing in. Dance teams are usually 4-36, and cheer teams are 5 – 32/36 but it does depend. Click here to see the full list of divisions and their details.

How do I order spectator tickets?

Spectator tickets can only be ordered by a coach who is registered for the event. If you are a parent you’ll need to contact your coach for details of preordering tickets.

For coaches, once you have registered for the event you can order your tickets using the online form. There is a different form for each competition so please go to that competition’s page on our website. You can only submit one order per competition so please make sure you have all the tickets you’ll need when you order as we won’t be able to add these on.

As always if you get stuck you can email us on enquiries@w-cheer.net

When is the running order released?

Coaches will have a final running order at least a week before the event. It will then be released publicly on our website / parent page a few days before the event.

What do I do if I disagree with our score?

We now release your ranges before awards so you can query any issues you may have. These are sent to your registered email and released via our app. If you have a query about your ranges please come to see us right away so we can discuss it as scores cannot be reviewed after awards. More details about scoring at live events can be found in our terms and conditions

Can I buy merchandise online?

We only sell our exclusive ICC merchandise at our events. Make sure you visit our store at each event as we always have exciting new releases at every event!

Can I swap out an athlete?

Swapping out an athlete is not normally an issue provided they fit the criteria for that division and it does not increase the number of athletes you are bringing along. To make changes email us on Enquiries@w-cheer.net and we are happy to help.

Where can I find the liability form?

Once you’ve entered one of our events this will be sent to you (in the same email as the payment details) If you need another copy email us on Enquiries@w-cheer.net.

Where can I find competition results?

Competition results are given directly to coaches at the competition. To check the details of a recent event you’d need to contact your coach.

We're a new team, can we enter?

Of course! We welcome ALL teams to our competitions and have divisions for all levels too. Your first competition is something you and your team will never forget and would be very happy to welcome you to the cheer world!

What do I do if I have a problem with crossovers?

Make sure you look at the first draft of the running order and email us with any issues right away. We will always do our best to accommodate for crossovers but we can not guarantee we’ll be able to make changes. If you let us know after the deadlines given with our draft running order we won’t be able to make any changes

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