Welsh Open Parents

ICC Welsh Open

Any lost property handed into staff can be found at the music desk whilst competition is on. Once finished, any property not collected will be passed to venue to hold.

Please ensure bands are placed on wrist before entering arena. Staff will request this before allowing entry.



22-23 February, 2020


Newport Centre
1 Kingsway
NP20 1UH

There is no parking at this arena. However, there is Kingsway multistory carpark in front of arena and Pay & Display carpark to the side of the arena

Spectator Conduct at ICC events

Here at ICC we want to make sure there is a family friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. As part of this we believe coaches, athletes and spectators should all conduct themselves in way which set a good example to others.

    Penalties may be given to teams where spectators, coaches or supporters exhibit inappropriate behaviour including but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate and deliberate physical contact
  • Abuse of equipment or any items associated with the event
  • Using language or gestures that are obscene, offensive or insulting
  • Showing dissent towards an scoring decision by word or action
  • Public criticism of an event related incident or event official
  • Arguing or not complying with the instruction of an event official
Saturday Schedule

Session 1 
Tiny, Mini, Youth, Cheer Divisions
Solos / Duos
Group Stunt / Partner Stunt

Session 2

Tiny, Mini, Youth, Dance Divisions
Solos / Duos

Sunday Schedule

Session 3

Junior Cheer Divisions
Solos / Duos

Group Stunt / Partner Stunt

Session 4

Senior Cheer Divisions
Solos / Duos

Group Stunt / Partner Stunt

Session 5

Junior & Senior Dance Divisions
Solos / Duos

Spectator Tickets

Here we will let you know if tickets may be available to purchase at venue. We will only confirm this once coaches have ordered spectator tickets via their program.
Please note, any tickets available on the door are on a first come first serve basis.


Session One: Sold Out

Session Two: Available on door

Session Three: Available on door

Session Four: Available on door

Session Five: Available on door


Running Order

Running order will be uploaded within the competition week (day may vary). If you have any questions regarding running order, please speak to your teams coach.

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