Battle of Champions

Battle of Champions

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Battle of Champions is a one of a kind, bid event/invitation only competition where the best of the best compete against each other to find out who is the true champion. BOC will have some of the best prizes ever given out at a UK competition. Bids will be given out to top placing teams at all ICC competitions.

Who will come out on top?

Who will be the



Motorpoint Arena, UK

Bolero Square, Nottingham NG1 1LA

2018 Royal Champions

Brisbane School of Dance Farenheit Summit – Mini Pom
RSD Celebrities – Youth Pom
Panache Phoenix – Junior Pom
RSD Leading Ladies – Senior Pom
East Elite Cadets – Mini Level 1
East Elite Majors – Junior Level 1 Small
Bournemouth Elite Jets – Junior Level 2 Small
Mevericks Tenacity – Junior Level 1 Large
Unity Jade – Senior Level 2 Large
Unity Peach – Senior Level 3 Small
PSC Gemini – Senior Level 4 Small
Unity Pearl – Junior Level 3 Large
Unity Smoke – Senior Level 4.2 Large
Unity Ruby – Senior Level 5

2019 Royal Champions

UDA White – Tiny/Mini Dance
Weston Supernovas – Youth Dance
Unity Allstars Bubblegum – Tiny/Mini Cheer
Kent Cheer Academy Helium – Level 1 Small
Bournemouth Elite Ice – Level 1 Large
Kent Cheer Academy Platinum – Level 2 Small
Unity Allstars Jade – Level 2 Large
EMCA Sweet Ladies – Level 3
Bournemouth Elite Votex – level 3 Co-ed
Unity Allstars Smoke – Level 4
Surrey Starlets Mulberry – Level 4 Co-ed
EMCA Killer Queens – Level 5
Unity Allstars Royal – Level 5 Co-ed

Back to back Royal Champions

Unity Allstars – Jade
Unity Allstars – Smoke

Click here to see all your BOC 2019 medalists

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