We can’t wait for the ICC 2016 Season!

We’re so pumped for the new season and so many teams have registered already. This is looking like it’s going to be an incredible year and the whole ICC team are so excited!

2015 was just unbelievable in so many ways, with every competition running smoothly and being a total success, in all corners of the UK. We can’t help but wonder how 2016 can possibly be any better!

Take a look at the promo video that Believe Photography have put together, using clips of you all from this year. It really shows off the energy and excitement that you guys created at ICC this season!

The 2016 season has many exciting dates on the calendar, including a brand new competition… ICC Eastern Championships 2015! This competition is based in Peterborough and is already looking to be a very full and fun event for everyone involved!


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