Believe Photography


All photography and video is provided by Believe Photography who provide stunning coverage of our competitions from all angles.

All performances are photographed and video’d as standard with the option to have your routine video’d with multiple angles too. Please see their website to arrange this for your upcoming performance.

Video / DVD’s


Lost the Access Code?

If you have lost the Access Code, or didn't manage to grab it on the day, just fill out your email and which competition you attended below and Believe will email it you. Easy!

How to View and Order

Believe keep your photos secure with an Access Code and give this code on the day of the event to as many people as possible. It’s not a problem if you didnt recieve it, just send them a request with the request form!


Believe keep your photos and video for at least 1 year after your performance and you can order any time.

  1. Visit the Believe Photography website
  2. Click ‘FIND YOUR PHOTOS’ and input the event code
  3. Choose your photos/video and order!